Open Optics Module

Open source software for working with 2D geometrical optics.

Open Optics Module is developed at Lund University with funding from Sten K Johnson, and is made available for anyone to use. If you want to contribute to the project you can visit the gitlab page.

Simple Optics Module

2D Geometrical optics on the web

Simplified interface and functionality, but still powerful enough to learn the basics of geometrical optics

Formula Collection

Online formula collection

Formula collection containing a variety of subjects related to Engineering and Science.

Imaging with thin Lenses

How the real and virtual images of a lens changes

Understand how the image of chains of lenses changes as it passes through, and learn how to construct a microscope

Oscillation Module

Driven damped oscillation

Driven damped oscillation solution, and how it changes when modifying the driving, restoring and damping force.

Polarization Module

Superposition of polarized waves

Create arbitrarily shaped polarized light by adding horizontal and vertical light with different amplitude, wavelength, phase-shift and polarization angle.

Pulsetrain Module

How are attosecond light pulses generated?

Explore how researchers create attosecond light pulses by combining phase shifted light of different colors.

Diffraction Module

Learn about diffraction patterns.

Open Online tool for learning about diffraction patterns and experimenting with how to match experimental data.

Complex Waves Module

Learn Understand how waves can be represented by complex exponentials.

Combine complex exponentials. A visual tool for understanding how additions of complex exponentials can simplify wave calculations.